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Become Our Domestic Supplier

We’re in contact with most traditional and trusted domestic suppliers, we’d like to expand our business for two soul reasons. First, we know there are a wide range of people in this very own country and they have different tastes. So, to provide everyone for what they crave for is our number one priority. Second, we would love to have more and more people to be our customers and have an experience of what authenticity and tradition taste like.

To be our business associates, we just have one condition: Provide us with most traditional and authentic Indian snacks and sweets, that are as healthy as they can be. We don’t want our customers to fall sick or be complaining about their orders. We hope for the same dedication as ours from anyone who’d like to work with us. We are trying to bring in healthy and tasty snacks to our customers and provide them with the best services.

For your interest, the economic growth of our business associates is probably more promising to anyone who would like to be associate with any other web-based services. We’re here stating facts and not just guessing about our associate’s business. In addition to financial growth, we promise our associates that they’ll be loved by all our customers, gaining fame amongst the domestics and foreigners both, and broadening your customer range.

We hope you would be interested. Please, contact us if you’re interested in being our domestic business associates.